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Build Links that Last forever

Seamlessly create links that work forever. Redirect any campaign to a new promotion, website or service.

Retarget your Marketing Links

Easily change your marketing scheme by changing the URL of your campaign to redirect your previous efforts.

Trusted Dynamic QR Codes

Promote QR Codes on your marketing media without worrying about outdated QR Codes. Simply retarget Campaigns!!


Free Tools & Features

An Explosive Corporate Feature list put together by professionals for professionals

Amazing Squeeze Page Builder

Create professional squeeze pages to capture your audience with a simple to use page builder that converts.

Make Recurring Income

Earn monthly recurring income by affiliating with our network offers and promotions. $5.00 Minimum Payout

Search Engine Optimization

Every campaign is design to help SEO your website, campaign or app. Receive a burst of traffic organically.

Showcase Youtube Videos

Integrate youtube videos with your campaigns to visually connect with your audience & help promote campaigns.

Private Ads Allowed

Sell private ad space and promote yourself as a professional writer or marketer & start creating campaigns.

Link Building Technology

Create trusted links with our amazing link building technology. Make every effort count towards your success.

Premium Video Tutorials

Learn how to create & design websites, mobile apps, graphics and ecommerce storefronts from a professional

Campaign Analytics & Insights

Monitor each campaign & figure out what works towards your success, learn with rich results what’s trending.

Soundcloud Integrated Player

Add your latest track, voice over or sample from Soundcloud to your campaign for your audience to listen.

Paypal Ready Feature

Linktrusted is paypal ready to use for merchants who want to promote and sell using electronic secure payment.

Lead Capturing Made Easy

Make lead generation easy, create a campaign and watch leads flock in from your promotion contact form.

Sell Almost Anything

Create buy now and subscription paypal buttons for your campaigns. It’s free to use, We won’t charge a cent.

Personal Author Profile

Build a following, direct your audience to your author profile to stay updated with your latest campaigns.

Free Ebooks Included

Learn & implement tips and tricks from ebooks that will build explosive results for your campaigns instantly.

Social Media Integrated

Seamlessly integrate social media sharing with your campaigns to help improve your reach and success.

Who is Using Linktrusted

You Would be surprised to know that linktrusted can work for anyone whom has something to publish.


Marketing Agencies


SEO Strategists


Individual People


Business Networks

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A new way to build enterprise promotions, Deals and offers with an easy to use cloud interface capable of building anything you desire

It’s Free forever from us to you

It’s free to create enterprise promotions and trusted links

SEO Link Building Strategy

Create unlimited traffic using trusted links that last forever.

Build Stunning Sales Funnel Pages

Build beautiful sales funnel pages that capture your buyers attention

Use Drag and Drop Technology

Design in real-time using world class drag and drop technology

Split A-B Campaign Testing

Test conversions by using split A-B testing to form a winning design

Pre-made Page Templates

Use one of our Pre-made templates that have proven successful

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